Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Music Video: Draft Two

This is our second music video draft; as a group, we managed to organise ourselves with the required equipment and plan for days various days to film the narrative part of our music video. In this second draft, we managed to establish a variety of shots and the desired footage which correlates with our animatic. We scrutinised our animatic as a group to determine the location, setting and other essential conventions for our music video. We managed to capture some major scenes for the narrative sector of our music video, however, we have evaluated our footage and we have come to a conclusion that we must reshoot the majority of the scenes for them being unsatisfactory.

We also evaluated the first music video draft and decided to reshoot the majority of the performance which we initally captured for this viseo. We essentially need to arrange more days to initially improve our film work for the already captured scenes and concepts also to discuss and draw out plans for scenes which we haven't attempted to capture yet.

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