Monday, 20 October 2014

Focus Group Recording

After having a group discussion about the aspects which correlate with the production of our music video; we established a couple of insights which we will consider for our music video production.

Location: we discussed location as a main subject to manifest our footage capturing. As a group we agreed with having the idea of taking photographs of our band and recording parts of our narrative and performance music video in abandoned, desolate locations. For example, a forest, marsh and an urban location. We also considered using a studio for the performance sector of our music video - using a stage may be useful to bring fourth a sense of a live performance.

Costume: To follow the conventions of our chosen genre (alternative rock) we need to consider a dark theme/colour scheme for our costume for the narrative and performance. For the music video, I decided to also be an actor for the narrative section because we could not find anyone else to fit the slot of being in the narrative and I also appear in the performance for being a band member. I worse dark colours (all black). We mainly desired dark colours, preferably black. We were satisfied with casual clothes: skinny/baggy jeans; dark coloured clothing; hooded jumpers and trainers.

Photographer/cinematographer: due to the fact that all four band members needed to be in the performance structure of the video; we needed to find someone to use my camera to record the performance and narrative (EOS Canon 600). I performed in the narrative and performance, therefore, I was not always able to be the cinematographer for the band. However, for the narrative structure; I was capable of recording various scenes as I would not appear in every single scene. I recorded a variety of point of view shots which involved running down roads with the camera to make the running scenes more tense. I am an experienced photographer/cinematographer as I used to participate in A level photography. When I was not able to be the photographer/cinematographer, Nathan Hogben was responsible for assisting with the camera work under. 

Actors: The performance sector will display myself, Ben, Louis and Jonathan and for the narrative section myself and three others are required to perform in the narrative. We later asked a couple of friends which would take up these roles and they did. 

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