Saturday, 4 October 2014

Goodwin's Theory

Goodwin's theory is exemplified within music videos and the following conventions are typically used in music videos. Demonstrations of genre characteristics.
  • Relationship between the lyrics and visual images
  • Relationships between the lyrics and music - types of amplification, complimentary and contradictory concepts
  • Demand for the record label - usually relies on the necessity for cinematography types such as, close ups (representations of the artist)
  • Notion of looking (screens within screens) - voyeuristic treatment of the female body - sexualising them and giving them a less significant status in comparison to men (objectification). direct gaze, other people within the music video looking at the artist, insight in relation to the artists personal life. The use of screens and mirrors.
  • Intertextual references - in relation to the following: films, television, programmes and other music videos
  • Star power
  • Genre characteristics
  • Narrative - in relation to the music video
  • Performance concept
  • Illustration - music videos use a set of images to illustrate the meaning of lyrics and genre
  • Amplification - relates to repetition; elucidation and effects are manipulated and is always shown thriuh the duration of the music video.
  • Disjuncture - To the extent where the elucidation of the song is completely ignored.
  • Comic effects - parody 
  • Pastiche - imagery
  • Homage - imitations of flattery 

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