Sunday, 5 October 2014

Record Labels

 Record Labels:

Record labels are associated with the marketing of music recording and music videos. A record label is the company which manages brands and manages the following: production, manufacture, distribution, marketing, promotion and other concepts relating to the development of the music recording/music video. The record label implements a copyright protection of sound recordings and music videos; they administrate talent searches and the development of new artists and maintains contrast with recording artists and their managers.

The  term "record label" derives from the circular label in the centre of an vinyl record which prominently displays the name and other information.

Major Record Label:

A major record label is owned by a substantially colossal corporation. Major record labels have an over abundance of money to fund the following: promotion, tour and advertising. A major record label can be quite authoritarian; they wouldn't want to pay for the anomalies which could occur or the artists failure.

Independent Record Label:

An independent record label would sign an artist after an arranged audition; independent labels are a lot smaller in comparison to major labels whereas artists would have to pay for their own equipment (in order to create your music) usage if signed by a independent label. Independent labels are low key.

Universal Music Group:

The Universal Music Group is a multinational company; a subsidiary of Universal Studios. Various artists which were signed by thew Universal Music Group: Mariah Carey; 50 Cent; Kanye West and Gwen Stefani. This particular group was seen to be rather insignificant due to Universal Pictures Group were the most successful movie studios in Hollywood.

Warner Music Group: 

Warner Brothers released the soundtracks which appeared in their films - they began the label in 1958. This lead to a popularity increase in two particular genres of music: rock and pop. The association managed to acquire Atlantic Records in 1968. Were known for the genres; jazz and R&B. They eventually changed their name to Warner Communications. They eventually unified with the Time organisation/corporation which then formed Time Warner. Warner music was sold in 2003 and made $2.3 billion.

Sony BMG:

This association holds approximately 25% of the music market. The label manipulates and distributes over 20 labels, such as the following: Red Music Distribution; Epic Records; RCA Records and Columbia Records. Sony is associated with the conglomerate; Sony Corporation.

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