Thursday, 18 December 2014

Digipak Production Process

During the production of my digipak I took screenshots to show how I developed and made changes to my ancillary text. Throughout the screenshots; you can see how the colour scheme is consistant throughout the digipak. However, I tried to keep some light colours in my digipak to make it more relevant to my logo and fonts; these two ideologies create an icy effect which relates to my band name, I also used the gradient tool to form the same aspect to my track listing, a white divide appears in the middle and the ends display a light blue. I have used the same colour scheme for my poster and other conceptions which are displayed within my ancillary texts. Like my poster, I used the logo which I created on Photoshop as my main image. After researching other digipaks, posters and album covers I noticed that bands within the same genre as my own used their logo instead of photographs of the band. I decided to follow this convention and implement it to my own ancillary texts by using my logo artwork for the digipak and poster main image.

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