Thursday, 18 December 2014

Disc Design Experimentation

For my digipak, I wanted to design and manipulate an image to place over my disc. To began by inverting the image from black to white. 

I mainly used the curve and gradient tool to manipulate the colour of the image; I wanted to create a colour scheme which correlates with my initial digipak. I varied the brightness by experimenting with various shades and patterns. The images displayed above gradually become darker and more bold in colouring. 

I tried to incorporate other colours (green, red) to my digipak for different results - just to essentially experiment with colour.

I began to use the gradient tool to convey a more horizontal effect of colour on my design; I created two horizontal; layers of colour for my design - the blue gradually becomes bolder and darker when it moves down the image, I placed a black layer in the centre to vary the colouring (to create a colour scheme). 

After creating these designs for my digipak; I realised that the design does not correlate well with my initial digipak design, therefore, I will not use any of these designs for my disc design. I will experiment with another image and manipulate it for my desired disc design.

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